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The method of car air conditioning maintenance

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The hot weather driving a lot of friends will choose to open the car air conditioning, air conditioning often use is also need maintenance, if maintain undeserved air conditioning not only can affect the body health, serious still can air conditioning blast crisis to life in the morning. Let me share with you the method of car air conditioning maintenance and maintenance.

Maintenance in use

The use of internal and external circulation

When the vehicle is traveling, if you go to a dusty road or windy weather, there are a lot of dust on the road to turn the air conditioner into the inner loop. When moving to a clean section, you can transfer to the inner loop. This can avoid and reduce dust debris blocking air conditioning of air conditioning.

Reduce air conditioning by heat dissipation

When parked vehicles to the sun for too long when the car's temperature is too high, before the use of air conditioning can is the first window door open heat dissipation, start the vehicle, or open the Windows by driving in the car air flow cooling, such as the temperature lower open air conditioning when closing the window, so that to reduce the workload of air conditioning to improve service life.

Turn off the air conditioner at low speed

When vehicles are driven in stops or vulgar best under the condition of the air conditioning closed, such as in heavy traffic road driving speed is very low don't turn off air conditioning will be through the increase the running speed of the engine to drive the air conditioning on the accelerator, such not only can shorten the life of the engine is to shorten the life of the air conditioning compressor.

Intermittent use

A long time, the vehicle air conditioning is turned on the car to a comfortable temperature, can turn off air conditioning for a period of time try to open, so that you can avoid due to long time using of the air conditioning ling condenser pressure caused loss, improve the service life of air conditioning.

Air usage

Air conditioning after long time use, in use to properly use the wind, because the air conditioning in the process of using inhale dust in the air, the proper use of wind can make place of blowing are drawn into the dust into the air duct, can prevent the damage caused by the dust air conditioning duct.