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The method of cleaning automobile condenser

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Automobile air conditioning use for a long time, the condenser will have dust, catkin, leaves, and insects in the above attached, this will lead to bad heat dissipation, engine temperature, condenser is part of the outside air conditioning cycle, used to pass the car absorption of heat, if the temperature is too high, will cause the system pressure, when pressure is high to a certain degree of air conditioning can protect themselves down, compressor doesn't work; Also known as overpressure protection (also known as high-pressure protection), it is necessary to clean the condenser.

Car condenser cleaning tool

Toothbrush or brush, water gun, water pipe and water pipe interface, screwdriver.

How to clean a car condenser:

1. Water the detergent. The washing product of condensing net is alkaline, it is slightly corrosive to the condenser, so it is very important to reduce the concentration of water to water, because the excessive concentration can only be washed very clean, but it can't be considered.

2. Start the car, turn on the air conditioner, and rotate the electric fan. First rinse with water, and use the rotation of the fan to make clear water throughout the condenser, a certain position in place flush thoroughly, which may be because the condenser temperature is too low and electronic fan stalling, then stop flush, let the condenser temperature rise, make the electronic fan spin again.

3, after waiting for the condenser is wet, with hydraulic tools (such as watering the flowers, etc.) will be the good washing product onto the surface of the condenser, the electronic fan should be in the running, and take advantage of its operation suction and distributed to every corner, estimate is to spray is enough. Closed this time of air conditioning and engine, observing the surface of the condenser, after a few minutes you will see on the surface of the dirt can "float", slowly and with some small bubbles, wait a few minutes, we usually wait ten to fifteen minutes, specific depending on the concentration).

4, again start air conditioning fan rotation, at this time to use much clear water wash, rinse as completely as possible, the step, not lazy, such as flush enough, you will find the condenser surface is clean, we can usually wash condenser to as good as new.