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This situation should be the warm air small water tank is blocked!

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Problems with cooling systems

1, thermostat, normally open or thermostat open early, early to circulation cooling system, the outside air temperature is low, especially when the car ran, the cold wind the antifreeze liquid cooling, engine temperature don't come, warm wind is not hot.

2. The pump impeller is broken or lost, so that the flow of the small water tank flowing through the radiator is not enough, and the heat is not coming.

3. The engine cooling system has air resistance, resulting in a poor circulation of the cooling system, resulting in a high water temperature and low temperature. It is likely that the cylinder pad has broken down to the cooling system. If the inlet pipe of warm air small water tank is very hot, and the outlet pipe is cooler, this kind of circumstance should be the warm air small water tank is blocked, should change the warm air small water tank.

The problem of air volume control mechanism

1, warm wind is the use of fan blow warm wind small water tank of heat into the cabin, if the air volume is not enough or hot and cold wind distribution, cause temperature not to, owners attention to check whether there is something blocking the filter, to clean, replace if necessary.

2, check the all the tests are running condition of blower, if adjustment knob to the heater position, air volume is enough big, the wind is also normal, blow out cool wind, check the warm bellows under hot and cold wind thread turning out of control, warm wind vane wheel is damaged, whether turning off, etc.

Note: do not sleep after parking

Long time to open the warm wind and blow the air outlet to the person, the driver is easy to make confusion, and the engine work, fuel combustion is not complete, can produce high concentration of carbon monoxide. As the car stops and the heating continues to open and the Windows are closed, the carbon monoxide emitted by the engine increases as it builds up.